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HalloweenScrares spooks your users with surprise Jack o' Lanterns on block breakage, users will also be tricked when they drop the lantern. Keep a watchful eye out for zombie rising from the ground! More functionality will arise as we near All Hallows' Eve. The plugin doesn't require any permissions or commands, just install and let it run! If you have a non-default world name, you will need to set the name of your world, the plugin defaults to "world".

Showcase by WoopaGaming:

The Crazy Lab

Future Improvements

  • Floating lantern heads
  • Randomly generating scarecrows (fences + lantern)
  • Creepy Enderman (Stalks you in the night)
  • Witches (depends on when v1.4 is released)?
  • Random TNT explosions
  • Option for permanent night
  • Higher chance of Giant spawn
  • More aggressive mobs (faster, more damage, etc.)
  • Greater frequency of eerie noises
  • Random chest explosions

Got any other ideas? Let me know in the comments section below!

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Join me and other community members on solicore.gizmoray.com:25645

Also in development is an official Gold Rush server for all of my plugins to be shown off in an interesting fashion.


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