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GUIWarps – simple & customizable player warps plugin
* Create / Delete warps
* Edit warp name
* Edit warp description
* Edit warp location
* Edit warp icon (with player heads support)
* Set private / public warps
* Trust / untrust players in warps
* Play sound when teleporting
* Send title & chat message when teleporting
* Configurable warp create cost (need Vault)
* Configurable warp limit for permission groups (need Vault)
* Store warps in SQLIte database (default) or MySQL
* Async inventories loading to decrease main thread load
Tested Minecraft versions:
Java 8 or higher
Optional - Vault
Commands / Permissions:
/gwarps (gwarps.use) – open warps inventory
/gwarps create (gwarps.create) – create new warp
/gwarps delete (gwarps.delete) – delete selected warp
/gwarps name ( – set warp name
/gwarps description (gwarps.modify.description) - set warp description
/gwarps icon (gwarps.modify.icon) – set item in hand as warp icon
/gwarps settype (gwarps.modify.type) - set group type (public/private)
/gwarps trust ( - trust player in warp
/gwarps trusted ( - show trusted players list
/gwarps update (gwarps.update) - update warp location
/gwarps help ( - plugin help
gwarps.admin - this permission allows you to do everything listed above with other players warps
/gwarps reload (gwarps.admin) - reload configurations
Put .jar file into plugins folder.
config.yml - here you set default warp name, icon, teleport waiting time, warp sound, warp screen and warp cost
lang.yml - here you set messages


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