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1.6 is out!

Please report any bugs or concerns! I will try to fix them right away.

  • Please note that you have to generate a new config or the plugin will not work. The item names are now human-friendly, look in items.csv for a full list.

This plugin adds a GUI shop to the game. Users with the permission can access it using /guishop in-game. If you want you can also create signs that users can right click on to open the GUI. Everything you put inside the GUI will be sold. If the item is worth 0(or if it is not in the config) it will be given back to the player. You cannot sell damaged weapons/tools at the shop. The shop (should) support every single item/block in the game. This provides a quick easy way to sell all of your items.


Vault and an Economy Plugin

  • guiseller.use - Allows the user to do /guishop.
  • guiseller.list - Allows the user to list the current shops.
  • guiseller.pricelist - Allows the user to list the current shop prices.
  • - Allows the user to use the help menu.
  • guiseller.signs.use - Allows the user to open signs.
  • guiseller.signs.create - Allows the user to create signs.
  • guiseller.admin - Allows the user to reload the plugin and add/remove items from shops in-game.
  • guiseller.shops.<shopname> - Allows the user to use shops other than the default one.
  • /guishop [shopname] - Opens the GUI Seller Shop
  • /guiseller - Main command.
  • /guiseller help - Displays the help menu.
  • /guiseller reload - Reloads the configs.
  • /guiseller pricelist <shop> - Lists the current shop prices.
  • /guiseller list - Lists the current shops.
  • /guiseller add <item> <price> [shop] - Adds an item to the shop config.
  • /guiseller remove <item> [shop] - Removes an item from the shop config.

Help Menu

Planned Features
  • Fully Customizable Shop Size
  • A list of items you sold after you close the GUI
  • Better Item Price lore
  • Buy Shop (Or in another plugin)
Plugin Metrics
  • This plugin collects data about your server (Players online, operating system, etc.) If you would like to disable this go into the Plugin Metrics folder and set opt-out to true!

Plugin Metrics Stats


Just set the first line of any sign to "[GUIShop]" or what it is in your config and it will be formatted with colors. When players right click on the sign it will open up the shop GUI. On the second line you can add a shop name to go to a certain shop.



The Shop

Here is what the GUI looks like in 1.5


Shop GUI

Lore Info (Beta)

When mousing over an item you put in the shop GUI it will tell you the internal name and the price (if you have set one). This feature is disabled by default due to bugs.





#GUISeller Shop by Skyrossm
#Do not use tabs in this file, tabs will break it!

#The name of the GUI
name: '&2GUI Seller Shop'

#The prefix for all messages
prefix: '&a[&eGUISeller&a]&f'

#The message for sorry that item can't be sold
#Use <item> for the item name.
sorry: '&eSorry, &c<item> &ecannot be sold.'

#The message for selling damaged items.
damaged: '&eSorry, you cannot sell damaged items here.'

#The message you receive when you sell items.
#Use <sold> for the amount (in dollars or whatever) sold.
sold: '&eThank you! Your items sold for &a$<sold>'

#The message received when your inventory is full.
returnFailMessage: '&eCould not return &c<item> &eas your inventory was full. Item was dropped at your location.'

#The actual help message.
#Add <command> for each command and <desc> for the command description.
help: '&e---------- &aGUISellerShop Help Menu &e----------'
helpItem: '&e - &a<command> &e- <desc>.'

#The message that tells you to do /help.
helpMessage: '&eType &a/guiseller help &efor a list of commands.'

#The price list
#Add <shop> for the shop name, <item> for each item name, and <price> for the item price.
priceList: '&e---------- &aPrice List &e----------'
priceListItem: '&eItem: &a<item> &e- &a$<price>'

#Enable the block info?
info: true

#If enabled, what block should it have?
block: dirt

#If enabled, what title should it have?
title: '&cInfo'

#If enabled, what messages should it have?
#Supports up to 3 messages currently, more to come.
#Each message is a new line.
message1: '&dPut the items you want to sell in here.'
message2: '&cAll items will be sold! Make sure you have them right!'
message3: ''

#The message at the top of the sign
#eg. [GUIShop], [Shop], [SellShop]
signName: '&9[&aGUIShop&9]'

#The name of the default shop
defaultShop: 'default'

#Should we check for updates?
updateCheck: true

#Do you want the item price and name to be shown to the player through lores?
#WARNING: This feature is buggy!
addLores: false
  • Shops Config
#List your shops here.
#If you use the in-game command to add/remove items these comments will disappear!
    #This is the default shop, called when you don't specify a certain shop.
    #Permission is: guiseller.shops.default if you change it from the default.
    #If you create a shop name "donator" the permission will be guiseller.shops.donator
        #Basic blocks
        stone: 1
        grass: 0.1
        dirt: 1.5
        cobblestone: 1
        wood: 4
        #Spruce Wood
        pineplank: 10
        #Dark Oak wood
        darkoakwoodplank: 20
        #A diamond sword
        diamond_sword: 500
        #A wooden sword
        wood_sword: 8
        #A piston and a sticky piston.
        piston: 130.0
        stickypiston: 160
    #This is a test shop with one block added, this has different prices from the default shop.
        dirt: 1


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