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This plugin turn yours item into cash $$$ !

Requieres Vault (as of RELEASE v1.0) or Skyoconomy (as of RELEASE v2.1) !

How to convert ?

Item to cash : Use the /goldtocash command (see below) or put [GoldToCash] (configurable) at the top of a sign and simply right click on it with the object you want to convert.

/!\ Needs the permission goldtocash.convert.goldtocash /!\

Cash to item : Use the /cashtogold <ID> command (see below).

/!\ Needs the permission goldtocash.convert.cashtogold/!\

Commands and permissions

Commands with their permissions

goldtocash, gold2cash or g2c - goldtocash.convert.goldtocash - Convert items in hand to cash.

cashtogold, cash2gold or c2g <ID> - goldtocash.convert.cashtogold - Convert cash in item <ID>.

goldtocashconfig, gold2cashconfig, g2cconfig or g2cc <ConfigID> <Value> - goldtocash.config - Configure GoldToCash directly in the game.

price or p - goldtocash.price - Used to know the price of item <ID>.

Extra permissions

goldtocash.* - Give access to every GoldToCash commands.

goldtocash.convert.* - Give access to every GoldToCash Convert commands.


AutoCheckForUpates - [ true ¦ or ¦ false ] - Automatically checking for updates.

ConversionMethod - [ COMMAND ¦ and/or ¦ SIGN ] - If you want to disable the Sign or the Command...

SignHeaderGoldToCash - [ What you want... ] - Change the header needed to convert item to cash from a Sign.

Prices - [ 'ItemID': Price ] - Prices configuration.



Development cost time and time is the money of the life. Please feel free to donate.



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