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I've been looking for a while for a plugin which would let me to give all my players some free money. I haven't found one, so I created GiveMoney.

It requires Vault and a compatible economy system.




Player: - allows to show /giveallmoney (only user command)

GiveMoney.user.dispose - allows to divide given money by number of online players and give each player the amount, takes money from player's account - command /giveallmoney dispose <value>

Admin: - allows to show /giveallmoney (user&admin commands)

GiveMoney.admin.dispose - allows to give each player the set amount without taking the money from player's account - command /giveallmoney admin <value>

OP is permitted to use all commands.




/giveallmoney - prints the menu

/giveallmoney dispose <value> - takes the value from your account and divides it among all online players

/giveallmoney admin <value> - gives each player on the server the amount of money you set in the value


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