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A Ghost Squadron plugin made by TigerHix.



What's this?

GhostSX is a plugin inspired from Overcast Network. There are two teams of ghosts - one red, one blue. You can choose different classes, from Bruiser the swordsman to Demo the destroyer. The objective is simple: reveal all opposites using your weapon..


  • Multiple arenas
  • Setup wizard
  • Scoreboard support
  • Autostart the game
  • Class selection using GUI

How to play?

Why not go Overcast Network to try? :D

Rules are simple as listed above, gameplay? Well, a classical PVP team deathmatch with ghost powers.

How to install?

Requires any multi-world plugin. 1. Download, and put into your plugin folder. 2. Reload your server. 3. Done!

How to use?

  1. Install it, reload your server.
  2. Type /ghost create [name] to create an arena. The setup wizard should start.
  3. Follow the instructions!


  • /ghost - Main command.
  • /ghost create [name] - Create an arena and enter the setup wizard.
  • /ghost remove [name] - Remove an arena.
  • /ghost join [name] - Join an arena.
  • /ghost leave - Leave current arena.


  • ghost.admin - Access admin commands.


Currently no need to edit config.yml. All things are done by commands! :D


Like my plugin? Why not click the donate button at upper right corner to buy me a beer? :P


If you want to add your own-design classes or want some custom features, you can tell me on Skype: TigerHiskype


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