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This is a very simple plugin that allows you to craft god/notch apples.

How to use?


1. Install plugin

2. Use the normal god/notch apple recipe in a crafting table

3. You've got yourself a god/notch apple!



/gapples craftAllows you to easily craft a gapple when developer mode is enabled.



gapples.craft - Lets you craft gapples when "craftPermNeeded" in the configuration is set to true.


# --------------------------------------------------
# Very simple config with very cool features!
# To select a player use %player% (Messages ONLY!)
# We also allow color codes! (Messages ONLY!)
# Don't know where to find them? Copy the link below!
# --> <--
# I hope you guys enjoy my plugin!
# Stay tuned for more updates!
# --------------------------------------------------

# Turn on and off the recipe to craft gapples.
globalGappleCrafting: true

# Set 'useDefaultMsg' to false to use 'customMsg'
# Default message = "You do not have permission to craft that item."
  craftPermNeeded: false
  useDefaultMsg: false
  customMsg: '&4You do not have permission to craft that item.'

# -------------------
developerMode: false




Currently none. If you do decide to make a video on my plugin, link it to me so I can feature it on here!



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