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*Still works with 1.11.2* This plugin will run commands at random from a list in the config file. It should run any command possible, allowing you to give a wide range of random rewards to your players. You can use as a voting reward, like I did, or as a way to reward players for other in game events.


/freward [playername] = will run a random command from a list in the config.

/freload = will save and reload the config after you make changes.


freward.give = to use the /freward command.

freward.reload = to use the /freload command.


If you fine any bugs let me know.

Known bugs:

The freload command worked fine on my test server, but not on my public one. I added more commands in the config but when I reloaded the plugin I would end up with the default config again. I think this is because my public server is spigot, where my test server was just craftbukkit. Not sure why there would be such a difference. I eventually managed to get it to work by just restarting the server. Make sure to copy any changes you make to the config just in case this happens. That way you will not have to type it all again. It also worked when I did /reload on my server first instead of just restarting it.


none at the moment.

Servers Using Plugin

Want your server listed here. Just let me know you are using my plugin and I will post it.



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