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Filename FoundBoxx.jar
Uploaded by JarylC
Uploaded Dec 30, 2015
Game Version 1.8.1
Size 48.31 KB
Downloads 4,843
MD5 7b76ef72bc3f4a0c55700acb495946f5
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v1.9.2 : Optimized code, attempts to fix SQL & H2 bugs

  • Optimized all SQL & H2 queries
  • Now SQL does not save all block placings out of context
  • Some code cleaning, still need to clean even more in the future

v1.9.1 - fixed 3 bugs

  • Night vision potion mining in dark algorithm
  • SQL query for initial block
  • Farmrate not detecting because I was using == instead of .equals()

v1.9 (delete entire configurations folder and database tables (if any) for this build)

  • Enhanced algorithm for storing already found ores (using block metadata)
  • Attempts to fix PermissionsEX (added softdepend relationship in plugin.yml also)
  • Added option to allow players with night vision potion effects active to break blocks in the dark
  • Remove deprecated methods: ItemID and BlockIDs has changed to Material Name (MAJOR)
  • Updated Metrics plugin
  • Updated PluginUpdater plugin

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