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Fly Mode Bukkit Plugin

Hello everyone, this is my first plugin. This plugin can be used(FOR EXAMPLE), if you have a Bukkit Server, and you want that only VIPs can fly in Lobby, but without "creative" mode. To use the plugin, you have to put it into the "plugins" folder, and then, you have to introduce "fly.use" into the "permissions.yml" file(I made an example) into the group that you want the users use "/fly".Then, RELOAD or RESTART the server.


  • /fly (To activate flying)
  • /fly <player> (To activate flying in other player)
  • /flyall (To activate flying in all the server)
  • /disableflyall (To deactivate flying in all the server)


  • fly.use (Permission for: /fly)
  • fly.set (Permission for: /fly <player> | /flyall | /disableflyall)

Permissions.yml file example:

      description: Basic Permissions
      default: true
          fly.use: true
          fly.set: true


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