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FloorBlocks is a fun lightweight plugin that gives your floor special abilities using the power of sponge. It has no commands and no configuration and is so simple to use!

What is it for?

FloorBlocks is perfect for traps, hospitals and any other uses you can think of and if you need something added tell me and it will be!

What does it do?

FloorBlocks makes it so when you walk on a block e.g. Iron, that has sponge beneath it, it activates the effect linked to that type of block.


  • Simple to use!
  • Endless fun!
  • 6 Different effects (More will be added)

How to use:

To learn how to use FloorBlocks please go to the how to page.


  • FB.ignore: Allows you to not be affected by FloorBlocks! (Defaults to op)

Future Features:

  • Bedrock: When walked on it creates a bedrock container around them trapping them. (Perfect for prisons)
  • Any ideas?


If you have an idea on how this plugin can be improved or what can be added then tell me! I really do want to know so I can add it!


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