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Fast survival (includes moon world generator)


This plugin makes the game faster on its repeating tasks such as mining or killing wither skeletons but makes it more challenging by adding new types of mobs and additional dimensions. There are also new types of bows and skeletons have a chance of wearing those bows. It also adds a Minecraft moon dimension!

Updated for 1.20.x!!!


1 Aug: New update incoming!


[1.20 Update] 

Big changes were needed due to changes in world Populator APIs, but its done now!.

There are still fundamental challenges to solve in adapting the world generation.

Last updated: 01/08/23


Epic moon world screenshots: https://imgur.com/gallery/KOrzz2t#evsUDgm


Ctrl + D To bookmark the project. Come here once a week to see the updates, this is planned to be a great project!


Join us on discord (new link): https://discord.gg/EvXqR2XhNh


FS Cover


Screenshot of the Minecraft moon dimension: (more)





Screenshots: here and here

Send me your screenshots to have them posted here!



Lots of additional configuration settings are coming in the yaml file!

Automatic Tools

The tools that have an enhanced automatic effect, are the following ones:

  • Pickaxe (Intelligent tunneling and area breaking, torch placement)
  • Shovel/Spade (Same as pickaxe but for the materials which are broken with it, torch placement)
  • Axe (Cuts trees instantly)

Recipe mode can be enabled in config with AutomaticToolsRequireRedstone=true:

tool + (1)redstone (For all the tools, the additionally broken blocks are also counted on the tool damage value) The goal of these automatic tools is to reduce the time you have to stay mining while making easier to keep your mine in order and focusing the game on the adventure which is what is really fun. By default, all tools are automatic, but this can be toggled in the settings.

Advanced bows

Minecraft has some types(tiers by material) of swords and tools in general. But what about bows? There is only 1 bow available to craft in vanilla Minecraft and even if you have stacks of diamond, you still have to wear the normal one which you crafted at the starting of the game. Later I'll detail how each bow works but for now I think only by looking at the crafting recipes and by trying it, you can find out how each bow works. Use /b command to get all bows in creative mode. Recipes: here 


Link it to an emerald block with right click Recipe here

Additional mobs

All the above points were making the life easier, but if the game gets too easy it is pointless. Let's add some mobs to make the game more challenging and interesting. First, you have to know that with a server-side mod (such as a plugin) you can't do many things such as creating new entity types and not even re-texturing the ones that already exist. You can make mobs sit on top of other, wear equipment (armor and item in hand), apply potion effects and make them have some special abilities coded manually (maybe also playing some default effects). List of tweaks:

  • Chance of skeletons having advanced bows (each bow type has its armor set to be remembered), and each one has some special drops.
  • Increased chance of spider jockey
  • Jockeys now have speed I or II (50%) and the skeleton can use an advanced bow
  • Zombie changes:
    • They have (30%) chance of food poisoning its target on hit if they don't have the maximum health
    • If you attack them with your hand, you get (70%) food poisoned if they don't have the maximum health
    • They have a chance of getting a stick in hand which knocks you up in the air 2-5 blocks on hit
    • They have a chance of wearing a wooden sword + chain chestplate and speed I
    • They can wear (4%) a diamond chesplate and a diamond sword
  • 15% of creeper being charged and getting speed II
  • Enderman applies 5%-15% InventorySteal (they throw in the floor the things stolen)
  • Pigs are worth a piece of redstone dust as a blood drop (to start faster with automatic tools) (a wire in the ground)
  • Pigmen drop x2.5 exp and drop more (x1.4) gold, now are worth to kill.
  • Increased wither skull drop rate now it is 10% + the vanilla one

Additional structures in the overworld

  • Pile of logs with rails
  • Hot air balloon: Adds a first-in-class air structure to minecraft, with a chance of great rewards
  • Graveyard
  • Underground nether cages
  • King skeleton tree
  • Other
  • More coming soon!

Send me cool screenshots of them!

The moon

The moon has its own section here

To access it, use /moon or a moon teleporter in survival

The sky

The sky is accessible using /sky in creative mode. 

Additional dimensions

There are many additional dimensions on the world to take the game out of having only both overworld and the nether and going to the end to end the game. Read the detailed pages, some are necessary for your best gameplay experience.

Detailed info: Dimensions 

Servers using FastSurvival

  • [CI build preview server] << Coming soon
  • [Public official server] << Coming soon

Servers managed by the community:

Additional Info

Working on The SKY: accessible using /sky in creative mode 

Multilanguage support. Just select your language on the settings. I have created 3 .txt files (EN (English), CAT (Catalan), ES (Spanish)). Select one of this or create your own one! [Default: EN]. Non translated text will appear as an identifier. For now use an older version zip to get the language files (use with the latest jar). I will add the language files properly sometime in the future.


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