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Hate clicking disconnect? now use /leave

This plugin simply gives a player an easier way to leave. The command /leave kicks the player from the server with the message "Fast Leave!" This plugin can be useful is you like using commands or cant be bothered to hit "esc" and "disconnect"!

This plugin uses an auto updater. It can be disabled! in the updater folder (/plugins/updater)

Visit the github here -

To set the /leave message either do /setleavemessage or edit it in the config (requires restart!)

Commands -

  • /leave or /fl - Leaves the server.
  • /leavemessage - Tells you the leave message!
  • /setleavemessage <message> - Sets the leave message!
  • /leavehelp - Displays allowed commands.
  • /leavereload - Reload the config.
  • /leavegui - Bugged

Permissions -

  • fastleave.admin - Access to commands /setleavemessage, /leavereload and the admin part of /leavehelp (changed from fastleave.set). (Defaults to OP!)
  • fastleave.gui - Access to /leavegui - This command is bugged! (Defaults to all).


  • Added signs - Title a sign [Leave] and will turn into a sign that when right clicks dose the command /leave. Sign tutorial

Things to add -

  • More Commands

MCStats / Plugin Metrics

This plugin uses plugin metrics. To disable to go the config.yml in the PluginMetrics folder!


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