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What is this?

It started as a simple plugin which was able to do only one thing (fake slots), but currently it's much more functional. Strarting with changing the slot number shown in Minecraft server list to the one set by command/in config. Then we get to know that it can override the slot limit from server.properties. Quite useful if you want to temporarily change number of slots (for eg. during the event) or override slot limit set by your hoster (I don't take responsibility for eventual problems). And finally, it can be used to reserve slots for VIPs (by giving them permission listed down there).


  • /fakeslots <[slots]/reset/reload> - fakes the slot limit to given number/resets fake slots number/reloads plugin
  • /realslots <[slots]/reset> - overrides the slot limit from server.properties/resets slot limit to the number in server.properties file
  • /slotsinfo - displays actual number of real and fake slots


Faked slots

It goes without saying ;)


  • fakeslots.fakeslots - allows use of /fakeslots command
  • fakeslots.real - allows use of /realslots command
  • fakeslots.info - allows use of /slotsinfo command
  • fakeslots.reserve - allows player to join no matter how many players are currently online
  • fakeslots.notify - players with this permission will be informed when an update is available


Download v1.3.1 (permalink to downloads page)


This plugin sends some anonymous statistics to MCStats.org.

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