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Filename FactionMobs.jar
Uploaded by Scyntrus
Uploaded Jan 15, 2017
Game Version 1.11
Size 158.95 KB
Downloads 430
MD5 b805434d2338aae5a5df9ef70e0e8af8
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Skins and Groups Update

Added option to set a player skin for units with Lib's Disguises

  • Config option is called "disguiseSkin"
  • Set it to the name of the player whose skin you want to use
    • eg: disguiseSkin: Scyntrus
  • Not set by default, must be manually added

Added command to save and load selections of units

  • To save your selection:
    • /fm group set NUMBER
  • To load a selection:
    • /fm group NUMBER
  • NUMBER must be between 1 and 5

New strings have been added to the messages.yml file.

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