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This plugin add a easy and useful Jetpack!
You can just craft a Jetpack on a crafting table and put it on with rightclick.
Then you can fly over 1 minutes nonstop and see the world from above.
The Jetpack will break after a time. There are no permissions or commands.
Just a crafting recipe.
If you get damage by hitting the ground, you can sneak shortly before you
hit the ground or use the FallBoots from my GreenItems Plugin!

How to craft:


version 1.0:

  • add crafting recipe
  • put on with rightclick
  • fly like with Creativemode
  • loses durability

version 2.0:

  • put on like armor
  • fly while sneaking
  • boosting up instead of flying like with Creativemode

>>>Download here<<<

Do you have a qusetion or an idee for update?
-wirte a commtent :)

I hope you like this plugin!
Have fun with the Jetpack!
I hope you understand my bad english ;)

Yours sincerely, Greencode


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