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This plugin allows your players to store their experience levels in a bank, to prevent them from being lost on death. Has configuration option to set a percentage of levels that are "lost" when storing, and to set a maximum amount of levels that the bank can store per player.

Source code for this plugin is available on GitHub

Available commands:

  • /xp-deposit <level> : deposit XP levels in the bank
  • /xp-withdraw <level> : withdraw XP levels from the bank
  • /xp-check : check how much XP levels you have currently stored in the bank
  • /xp-exchange : check the exchange rate for XP level storage (default: 1-to-1)

Configuration options:

  • percentage <integer>: percentage of XP levels that will be stored in the bank when depositing (for the exchange rate)
  • maximum <integer>: number of XP levels that a player can store in the bank
  • fireworks <boolean>: show fireworks when a player gains XP levels.


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