Last Updated: Nov 7, 2015 Game Version: 1.8



Nov 6, 2015

Owner: _ForgeUser22433321


Why I made this

I was just mucking around with Java and thought "Why don't I make a small Minecraft plugin" so that's how I made this!

Why use us

You can use us on your server without any credit but I like people giving me credit!

What does this plugin do

This plugins commands are:

exp: description: Tells you how much EXP you have!

exptolevelup: description: Tells you how much EXP to the next level!

expclear: description: Removed all your EXP

expheal: description: Heal yourself for 1 EXP level!

expfeed: description: Feed yourself for 1 EXP level!

What should be coming soon

explock description: Will stop player gaining any exp will clear it all the time

Comment your suggestions below!


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