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Currently the plugin features:


♥ /report - - Allows a player to make a report against another player - USAGE: /report [player] <reason>

♥ /reports - esreport.view-reports - Allows the player to view active and open reports. - USAGE: /viewreports


API - (Documentation)

Sadly I didn't have much time to work on an API. However, I created a method inside of which allows you to create a report and add it to our configuration file.


Note: This is not tested nor is it guaranteed to be kept up-to-date.


♥ API.createReport(Player reporter, Player reported, String reason) ♥

♥ Player reporter - The player that is reporting. ♥

♥ Player reported - The player the reporter has reported. ♥

♥ String reason - The reason for the report. ♥



Why make this plugin? There are others similar.

Well, when making our server. We noticed there wasn't too many report plugins which fitted what we wanted. So we made this and decided to release a "minimal" version of it.


Can we get a customized version?

Certainly. ES (Team) is always open to making a custom version of any of our plugins to suit individuals needs. - Note: There is a $5 PayPal charge for any plugins that need to be "customized" :)


Do you keep statistics on the plugin?

Yes. We keep general statistics about the machine used to host your server (core count, OS, etc) and we also keep some statistics like, plugin version etc.


What can I do with this plugin?

You are allowed to do the following:

- Use the plugin for personal use (on your network, server etc).

- Change the CONFIG.YML portion of the plugin.


You are NOT allowed to do the following:

- Release source code.

- Sell/use the plugin commercially.

- Change the PLUGIN.YML portion of the plugin.

- Redistribute the plugin on your own services.

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