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Your soon-to-be favorite static information plugin! :3 ;3

What the tenderly-kiss is this ._.

This plugin is purely a tool to assist administrators to easily view and acknowledge a player or a block's information.

What can it do?

EmbInfo can:

  • Display a player's location
  • Display a player's IP address
  • Display a player's level, experience, and percentage to the next level.
  • Display what a player's holding
  • Display a player's health and hunger level
  • Display a player's gamemode

Everything works even if the player is offline!

More features will be added in the very close future!

Everything is displayed in a neat and compact format!

How to use

For players who have the permission "embinfo.stat", they can type /stat (playername) to view their information. Type /embinfo for the plugin description.

Featured Server

Embarker Guilds


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