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The Ultimate Personal Chat Filter

Do you love freedom of speech? Do you love a chat that's pleasant and clean? Why not have both?

Elexpletives allows the player to decide whether or not they wish to hear swearing, allowing the chat to stay free and unregulated while protecting sensitive players from obnoxious language.

Elexpletives Features

  • Allow players to enable a personal swear filter
  • Add or remove words from the banned words list with simple commands
  • Works on leetspeak and various other forms of filter exploitation


Admin Commands:

/exl add (keyword) : Add a keyword to the banned words list

/exl remove (keyword) : Remove a keyword from the banned words list

/exl list : View banned words and players with swear filters

/exl reload : Reloads the configuration file

Base Commands:

/exl (on/off/toggle) : Toggle personal swear filtering

/efilter : Alias of /exl toggle


elexpletives.edit : Use /exl (add/remove) (keyword)

elexpletives.list : Use /exl list

elexpletives.reload : Use /exl reload

elexpletives.toggle : Use /exl (on/off/toggle) and /efilter


##Config-Version: Just leave it##
Config-Version: '1'
##List of words that are filtered by the personal swear filter##
    - poopies
##List of players who have the personal swear filter enabled##
    - jeb_
##Tell the sender if they sent out a message with a banned word in it##
alert-sender: false
##Message to send the sender of the banned message
##%player% is replaced with their name and color codes are accepted##
sender-message: "&c%player%, some people may not hear your message because it contains a banned word"
##Tell players with swear filters if a message with a banned word in it is filtered out##
alert-filter: false
##Message to send the sender of the banned message##
##%player% is replaced with the sender of the filtered message and color codes are accepted##
filter-message: "&c%player% sent a message containing a banned word, your swear filter removed it"


Logo designed and created by xDizasterCYx

Version History


- Initial release


  • Various fixes

If you have an idea or bug, feel free to pm me or post a suggestion.


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