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Easy Warp is an easy and fast to setup way to warp throughout your server.

Version 3.8 has fixed all issues with saves!
It also supports Minecraft version 1.7 through 1.10!
Click HERE to download!

Easy Warp is a way to warp (teleport) yourself and other to different places easily, for both admins and users.

  • Warp yourself and others.
  • Create and delete warps.
  • Change different config settings (settings are explained in the config.yml for easy use)
  • Allow for delays before warping to prevent 'pvplogging' or anything such as this on certain servers.
  • Create and use warps signs.
  • Use permissions.


A big thanks to the people at https://serverminer.com for making a great comprehensive video about using Easy Warp

Warp Signs

Click HERE to learn how to make warp signs.


If you see < > this means this information is required to be filled in by you.
If you see [ ] this means this information can be filled in by you or left blank.

Do NOT include the < > or [ ] tags when executing the command.

You may place the letters ez in front of any command in order to use it when other plugins (such as essentials) might be using the same commands.
(ex: /ezwarp)

/warp <warpname> [playername]
Warp yourself (or a player specified) to the specified warp.
/setwarp <warpname>
Define a new warp at your locations.
/delwarp <warpname>
Delete a specified warp.
List all warps you can use, this does take into account what permissions a player has the permissions to warp to.
/easywarp reload
Reload the config.

/warp <warpname>
/warp <warpname> <player>
/setwarp <warpname>
/delwarp <warpname>
/easywarp reload
/easywarp import
/easywarp help
The ability to create a warp sign (SEE GUIDE HERE)
The ability to use warp signs if 'signs-require-permissions' is 'true' in the config.
The ability to warp to a specific warp if 'per-warp-permissions' is 'true' in the config. (also required if 'signs-per-warp-permissions' is set to 'true')
The ability to bypass any warp delay if 'permsBypassDelay' is 'true' in the config.


Sourcecode on Github | Report a Bug

Receive Updates

You can click HERE to get an email whenever there's an update to this plugin so you don't get stuck using an out of date version.


This plugin sends statistics about the usage to the server http://mcstats.org/. You can disable it by going to your server folder->plugins->PluginMetrics->config.yml and setting opt-out to true

  • Add private/permission warps (Separate plugin for this coming soon).
  • Add economy support.
  • Add an API.


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