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Plugin made and managed by xQxQx
This plugin use bStats. For more informations about what data collects and how to disable it visit bStats page.
What does this plugin do?
This plugin creates unique events with a simple command (/eventon and /creategotoevent). After these commands you can start drop items. After you dropped items you can announce that you created an event (players can teleport to event with /gotoevent). When a player collects an item it will automatic announce. When players collect all items, the server will automatic announce: "The event has ended, because players collected all items" (this text can be edit in config.yml). If you don't know how to setup this plugin, watch VIDEO.

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  • /creategotoevent
  • /gotoevent
  • /droppeditems
  • /eventon
  • /eventoff
  • devent.use
    • used for commands (/creategotoevent,/eventon,/eventoff).


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