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What is D-Pets?

D-Pets is an all-new all-inclusive Donor Pet management system that allows you to sell or gift easy-to-use pets to your players! Every popular Minecraft server uses a Pet system to fund their bills, engage their players, and add a little more fun to the server, and now you can too! D-Pets is an effective yet simplistic tool for creating, managing, and deleting Pets that every server should take advantage of! Whether you're selling them off to fund your server, giving them away to friends for free, or maybe just using them to have fun, D-Pets are perfect for everyone!

Upon activation of a D-Pet, players can enjoy their indestructible companion forever. D-Pets never despawn, will never take damage, and can be individually modified from an in-game GUI. D-Pets are lovable, helpful, and totally cool to have! Each pet is automatically assigned to its owner and ready to play from the second it's spawned. Pets can optionally follow you, stay where they are, change type, form or color, and much more! D-Pets are perfect in every scenario on every Minecraft server - so install D-Pets today!

Commands and Permissions

/dpets redeem - redeem your pet once it's activated! node: dpets.dpets
/dpets [username] [type] - activate a pet of type [type] for player [username]! node: dpets.give

All pet-related configurations are accessed in-game by Sneaking + Right-Clicking your pet.


You can view D-Pets' source code on GitHub here. If you can find a way to make the plugin run better, or have any new features to add, be sure to send a Pull Request! Or, if you just like looking at *awesome* nerd language, feel free to explore!

Errors, Glitches, and Imperfections

If you ever come across a problem with D-Pets, head over to the D-Pets Tickets section! Create bug reports quickly and make sure that your problem will be fixed. Please, do not comment with an issue or PM the D-Pets team about a glitch. Tickets are a simple and effective way for us to be more proactive!

D-Pets is in full compliance with the Mojang EULA as of August 1st, 2014. Donation Pets are allowed because they are a purely cosmetic feature and do not affect gameplay for those who do not decide to donate. You can read more on Mojang's website here!