Diggy Hole

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Diggy Hole


The game is about finding diamonds as the first one.
But there are some other ores to help or trol you.

Spawn in front of a huge blocks and dig as fast as you can.


Pemissions and commands


diggyhole.:* access to all commands.
diggyhole.admin: access to admin commands.
diggyhole.user: access to join and leave.


Admin commands

  • /dh select: Select area.
  • /dh setspawn Set the spawn point.
  • /dh setlounge Set the lounge.
  • /dh testblock Set a test block.

User commands

  • /dh join Join the game.
  • /dh leave Leave the game.

Setup playground

  1. Make a selection with WorldEdit.
  2. do /dh select.
  3. Set the lounge and spawn point.
  4. Enjoy the game.


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