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1,238 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 14, 2013 Game Version: 1.6.4

Plugin Developed by: Dead_Skeleton


ChatAt is a plugin that allows players to get other players attention just by chatting! As long as the target player has their Minecraft sound enabled, the plugin works even if the target player is not looking at the Minecraft window! The way the plugin works is that the chatter (player1) says something like: player1>: Hey, player2 ! If the message that player1 sent contains an online player's name, then that player that was in the message would receive a sound like a note block. The name in the message would also turn green and have an @ in front of it. I made this plugin to update the original ChatAt, but with less features.


  • When a player sends a message, if that message contains any online players, it will highlight in green and add an @ before that name.
  • In addition to highlighting and adding an @ before it, the plugin will also send a noteblock sound to the target player in the message.
  • There can be multiple names in one message and they will both be handled by the plugin.


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