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Banner Do you hate it when player are complaining about "so and so pvplogged me" but they didn't get evidence, well this is the plugin for you!, this plugin can log EVERY type of damage dealt by a player!, this could be useful for many things.

Where is it logged to?:

It is logged to the console. like so: "[pvpcombatlogger] {PLAYER_NAME} Dealt {DAMAGE} to {PLAYER_NAME} and in your servers logs file and it has more information there! == Configuration: == None at the minute, will add one soon!

Permissions & commands:

More coming soon such as the ability to have a command to log them in-game or turn them off in console! To-do:

  • Find a developer to help add features and update it (PM me if interested)
  • add a PvPLogger detector, e.g. make it clear if someone has pvplogged without having to check the damages e.t.c!


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