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First Person Shooter for MineCraft.

This is a hunting and battle game for minecraft. Each kill you score 1 Exp. and points. PvP enabled now.

There are two teams green and olive for good camo.

The first team to get 2500 points wins

Team score for individual mobs are displayed to killer.

If you change world mid game you are auto removed from the game.

Scoring mobs include : Zombie Pig Creeper Spider Cow Mushroom Cow Chickens Villagers Cave Spider Bat Wolf Sheep EnderMan Ocelot Squid Player

Feature :

Enjoy a game of Capture the Button.

First team to push the other teams button winds

Blue team owns the wood button.

Red team owns the stone button.

Beware they can be well protected by players

Each team places there block and button (not much of a game if you hide) use a reasonable terrain and distance.

Then fight your way thru. (arrows have a long distance and are sniper accurate).

The team that pushes the other teams button first wins.

Feature2 :

Pvp players for score and xp.

Commands :


Adds you to a game type again it removes you from a game.


Broadcasts team scores

/cbt enters you in capture the button

/cbtscore shows score for capture the button

Permissions :


Installation :

Unzip file and copy to CraftBukkit plugins folder.

Setup your permissions.

Start/reload server.

Be sure to check out BanTracker a very good choice to go with this plugin.

Misc. :

This plugin uses Mcstats PluginMetrics.

If you wish to disable Metrics go to the plugin metrics folder and change opt_out to true.

Keep in mind plugin coders use this to track usage and features.

If its disabled It doesn't look as if its used much.

So a feature or perhaps the entire plugin may be discontinued.

Points :

Player 10 points

Zombie 5 points

Bat 5 points

Creeper 3 points

Spider 4 points

Squid 3 points

Chicken 2 points

Wolf 4 points

Cave spider 7 points

Enderman 10 points

Ocelot 3 points

Villager 4 points

Mushroom Cow 8 points

Cow 2 points

Pig 3 points

Sheep 3 points


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