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CubeEngine is a module framework that utilizes Bukkit's API and brings it to the next level by simplifying and unifying common tasks like defining commands, adding commands or translation messages.

We have build a bunch of modules that replace most of the commonly used plugins listed below.

Why would I use the CubeEngine?

Have you ever had problems with outdated plugins made by different developers which might already be discontinued or broken?

CubeEngine is the answer for all your needs. It will replace almost all commonly used plugins on a Minecraft server and is conventionally located in one place. The CubeEngine Core as well as the modules are developed by an active team which is continuously striving to improve the user experience without limiting functionality as a whole. Help documentation is as good as it gets. Every command and permission is documented in one place eliminating the need to individually search for plugin documentation.

Module overview

  • Basics: All the basic commands and functionality for server administration.
  • Fun: Fun stuff like sky-rocketing players.
  • Roles: An advanced and secure permissions manager providing the role-concept.
  • Log: A personal NSA for your server!
  • Locker: A feature complete container protector!
  • Chat: Simple chat formatting with Roles integration.
  • Conomy: Manage all the money!
  • Border: Limit and pre-generate your worlds.
  • SignMarket: Sell and buy your blocks using signs.
  • ItemRepair: Repair your items with money.
  • Rulebook: Provide new players with your server rules.
  • Shout: Highly configurable announcements!
  • Spawn: Control the spawn location of your Roles.
  • Travel: Create home and warp points.
  • Writer: Edit your books and signs with ease!
  • Vote: Reward votes on your server (backed by Votifier).
  • Powertools: Empower your items with commands!
  • Kits: Give out loads of items as kits.
  • Faq: Automatically answer frequently asked questions.
  • Hide: Hide from your users.


There are only official release builds available here on BukkitDev due to restrictions of the BukkitDev service and limitations in out build infrastructure. If you really need cutting edge builds you can always get the source code of the project and build it yourself. For more information check out our project website!

Documentation and Website

The documentation for commands and modules is at Javadocs and sources are available via GitHub and via the Maven repository.

Features of the framework

  • simple and fast module creation
  • hot-deployment of modules
  • advanced and dynamic command system
  • per-user i18n *
  • a flexible web-API powered by Netty *
  • properly commented and typesafe configurations (ConfigurationAPI)
  • SQL abstraction powered jOOQ
  • dynamic permission registration (including wildcards)

* These features are not completed yet

Want to create modules?

We provide all the tools to quickly start making your own modules. The base module skeleton can be generated using a maven archetype. All necessary Maven plugins and dependencies are available through our own Maven repository.

Support and Feature Requests

The fastest way to get in contact with the core developers is via our IRC channel #cubeengine on EsperNet. Other ways are our forum and the bug tracker on GitHub. Your feedback is welcome!

Sponsor a feature or contribute

Just contact one of the developers on IRC.


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