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Basic information

Did you ever were in creative mode and get annoyed at closed iron doors or being too slow? Well this plugin will help you out. It contains some tools to make you life easier in creative mode. All the tools are activatable and deactivatable and the plugin supports permissions for every single tool.

Currently included tools

  • IgnoreDoors (move straight through them)
  • NighVision (permanently activate night vision)
  • FastWalking (permanently being faster)
  • Suggestions? Post them in the comments :)



/ctools helpShows a list with all commands
/ctools listShows a list with all tool IDs
/ctools state <ToolID>Shows wether <ToolID> is enabled or not
/ctools set <ToolID> on/offSets the state of <ToolID> to enabled(on) or disabled(off)


ctools.use.*Gives all usage permissions
ctools.use.commandsAllows to use the commands
ctools.use.<ToolID> (example: "ctools.use.IgnoreDoors")Allows to enable/disable/have this tool (A list of all tool IDs: "Currently included tools")


  • Download the latest jar
  • Copy the jar into the plugins folder
  • (Re)start/reload the server


At the first startup the plugin will generate a config.yml in the folder plugins/CreativeCreationTools. Open it. You will see a "block" of options for every tool. In most of the cases there will be only one option: "enabled" When set to "true" it will be enabled for every person with permissions and in creative mode from beginning. Else the person has to enable this tool per command. Other options are based on the tools.

Thank you

I'd be glad if you could give me feedback in the comments. Also you can use the poll on the right to do this :)


This plugin was made by me for private use (a friend and me built a adventure map and we got annoyed by closed iron dors etc.). Finally I made it public so everybody can use these handy tools for the creative mode. First it was called CreativeTools but there is already a plugin with this name so I had to rename it to CreativeCreationTools.

Please notice that I am not a native speaker. Please point out any grammar or spelling issue. Also please point out any bugs you encounter using the ticket system.


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