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Version 0.8


Add additional protection to your server by fitlering ips/connections to the entire server and to your account.
If you loose your minecraft password somewhy, you don't have to care much about your servers security.
Because only your IP can connect to your account/server (if set). Now supports DNS Resolving for more flexibility (


  • Filter IPs and Connections per Player (its possible to add server side settings too)
    • Allow local/hamachi/other access only or disallow them.
    • it can be possible to (dis-)allow special countries, internet providers (via connection)
  • Black/WhitelistIPs
    • Regex Support
    • DNS Support (prefix your dns with # when adding it to your ip list.)
  • Black/WhiteListConnections
  • Currently only Config-Database support.
  • Filter Usernames
    • char filter
    • length filter
    • option to blockDifferentNameCases


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  • /crazyloginfilter create
    Create a loginfilter (for yourself)
  • /crazyloginfilter show
    Show current settings for this player.
  • /crazyloginfilter <ip/connection> <check> [true/false]
    Check IPs/Connections (on login)
  • /crazyloginfilter <ip/connection> <whitelist> [true/false]
    Use IP/Connection list as whitelist (otherwise as blacklist)
  • /crazyloginfilter <ip/connection> <show> [page]
    Show current Filter IPs/Connections
  • /crazyloginfilter <ip/connection> <add/remove> <regex>
    Add/remove regex to Filter IPs/Connections (remove supports indexes, so becarefull)
  • /crazyloginfilter delete
    Remove your loginfilter
  • /crazyloginfilter serverFilter ...
    Change server side Filter settings (Command structure like above)


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