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Easy login plugin for your server.

by Vendor05




This plugin will restrict players who are not registered.

Just copy the downloaded file to your server plugin folder.




  • Easy setup
  • Easy commands
  • Spigot support
  • Language support
  • Outlogged restrict
  • Outlogged spawn point
  • Referral code register
  • Global pass register
  • Support chat color
  • Admin GUI


Restrictions: (for outlogged players)


  • Player mobdamage restrict
  • Player move restrict
  • Player block break restrict
  • Player command restrict 
  • Player item drop restrict
  • Player chest open restrict
  • Player chat restrict




<Param> <- Parameter

Commands Description Permission
/login <Password> You can log in your account. not need
/logout You can log out from your account. not need
/register <Password> <RePassword> You can register a new account. craftbukkitlogin.register
/registercode <ReferralCode> <Password> <RePassword> You can register a new account with a referral code. craftbukkitlogin.registercode
/registerpass <GlobalPassword> <Password> <RePassword> You can register a new account with a global password. craftbukkitlogin.registerpass
/changepw <OldPassword> <Password> <RePassword> You can change your own password. craftbukkitlogin.changepw
Admin commands Description Permission
/cbl admin You can open admin GUI. craftbukkitlogin.admin
/cbl logged You can list all logged in players. craftbukkitlogin.admin
/cbl registered You can list all registered players. craftbukkitlogin.admin
/cbl codes You can list all active referral codes. craftbukkitlogin.admin
/cbl createloginspawn You can create a spawn point for outlogged players. craftbukkitlogin.admin




For the permissions settings, i recommend the Luckperms plugin.

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