Coordinate Sign Warp

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Coordinate Sign Warp v1.0
Last updated September 30, 2012


This plugin was built to solve a simple problem on my server: To stop cluttering up the warp list.

Some of the projects we build require a lot of warps in a very small area. I came up with the idea that instead of making more warps, I could put coordinates on a sign instead.


  • First line: Any name so long as the name is between [ ]
  • Second line: X
  • Third line: Y
  • Fourth line: Z

Once you have one created, you just right click it to warp.


  • CoordinateSignWarp.Create
  • CoordinateSignWarp.Use
  • CoordinateSign.*: Both of the above

Future Update

  • Command block like abilities. Redstone signal to the sign will cause the nearest player (within a certain range) to be teleported.


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