Console Error Sender

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Console Error Sender

This plugin will automatically listen and send every errors from the console directly to PasteBin.

/!\ You need the permission "ces.listen" /!\

Needs configuration detail ?

AutoUpdateOnLoad - [true | false] - Update the plugin on server load / reload.

SupportAuthor- [true | false] - Supporting the author by putting links which redirecting on your PasteBin link.

PasteBinUsername - [ if invalid, it will upload as 'Guest'. ] - Your PasteBin username.

PasteBinPassword - [ we will NOT send your password to any server excepted for commercials usage... Joke :) ] - Your PasteBin password.

PasteBinAPIToken - [ Obtain at ] - Your PasteBin API Token.

That's all, good game !

Development cost time and time is the money of the life. Please feel free to donate.



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