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88 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 14, 2018 Game Version: 1.12

Conference is a simple group chat plugin. It works very much like IRC - simply /join <room name> and if the room doesn't exist, it will be automatically created for you. Prefix messages to the group with two slashes (e.g. // hello people)


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  • /join <room name>
    • Alias: /cjoin
    • Permission: conference.join, given to everyone by default
  • /part
    • Aliases: /leave /quit and /cquit
  • // <message...> - send a message to the current conference chat
    • Aliases: /. and /c
  • /who - lists who's in the current conference room
    • Aliases: /see and /clist
  • /confadmin - administrative commands to view, broadcast, part and delete rooms
    • permission: conference.admin

You can test the plugin out on Tech Fortress, the server this plugin was designed for.


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