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CombatLog punishes players who log out in an attempt to escape combat


CombatLog has been updated to v2.3.0! Supports versions 1.7.10+

How effective is CombatLog? Take a look at this graph:

Sample config page:
New API usage:


  • Easy-to-understand configuration file.
  • Able to customize messages and disable unwanted features.
  • Use /tag or /ct to check tag time.
  • Remove players' Combat tags if they disconnect because of lag or if they were kicked.
  • Block commands (using a blacklist/whitelist), teleportation, and enderpearls.
  • Remove invisibility potions, disguises, or fly mode, upon entering Combat.
  • Display CombatTags on an ActionBar.


  • combatlog.bypass - Ability to bypass all of CombatLog's log prevention methods. (Default NONE)
  • combatlog.reload - Ability to reload combatlog.yml. (Default OP)
  • combatlog.update - Ability to see UpdateChecks upon logging in. (Default OP)

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