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Chest Regen

This lightweight plugin is an easy to use chest regeneration plugin.

No longer continued on bukkit. Continued here


/cr help <page> or /cr <page>chestregen.helpDisplays list of commands with descriptions
/cr help <command> extra information about the specific command
/cr infochestregen.infoDisplays info about the plugin
/cr reloadchestregen.reloadReloads the configuration file
/cr regenchest <time:integer> <all> <perplayer> <chestpack:chestpackname> <radius:integer>chestregen.regenchest, chestregen.regenchest.all, chestregen.regenchest.perplayer, chestregen.chestpack, chestregen.regenchest.radius.<integer>The all inclusive command for setting regenchests. You may use any or none of the given parameters
/cr regenchestregen.regenRegenerate the selected RegenChest
/cr regenallchestregen.regen.allRegenerate all of the RegenChests
/cr chestpackchestregen.chestpackList available Chest Packs
/cr chestpack <ChestPack>chestregen.chestpackSet a RegenChest to use the specified ChestPack to generate content
/cr updatechestregen.updateUpdate the plugin from in game
Break a chestchestregen.destroyDeletes the RegenChest
Open an infinite dispenserchestregen.infdispenser.changeinvChange the items that are dispensed
Break an infinite dispenserchestregen.infdispenser.removeDeletes the Infinite Dispenser


  • Admins can easily make Regen chests instead of refilling chests every time they run out
  • Multiverse Support
  • Instant Regen (on Command)
  • RegenAll Chests with one command
  • Permissions Support
  • Saves item enchantment
  • Saves item durability
  • Saves item slot location
  • Saves item Metadata
  • Deleting RegenChests
  • Unbreakable Chests
  • Item Display Name Compatibility
  • Written Book Compatibility
  • Instant Regen Support
  • Infinite Dispenser Support
  • Developer API (Documentation here)
  • Enchanted Book Support
  • Java 6 support
  • Per-Player Loot
  • Auto-Update
  • Full Dispenser Compatibility
  • Plugin Info Command
  • Set all chests in a world
  • Preciser time(Value in config... It's slower if you have above 60 chests set)
  • new! (v2.2.0) ChestPacks (More info)
  • new! (v2.3.0) Added /crreload
  • new! (v2.3.3) Shift Right Click to see time till regen
  • new! (v2.4) Command rewrite (and smart commands for you lazy typers)
  • new! (v2.4) Spigot Compatibility
  • new! (v2.5) MySQL Support

To be added:

  • Fire Work Compatibility
  • Database Support
  • Item Lore


Example Config.yml




Note : Messages like "Can.Regen Loaded" can be disabled in the config file under "DebugMode"


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This plugin uses Metrics to collect data about it's usage. If you don't want to allow the collection of stats, you can go to /plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml and set "opt-out" to true.

A lot of time and work goes into this plugin and I don't get paid. So, any donations are fantastic. If you love the plugin, feel free to donate.


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