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ChestHarvester - turns chests into stationary farming equipment


Download: ChestHarvester.jar


  • chests can collect drops within a 1-block radius on the faces or from the top
  • clicking on a chest will farm the surrounding area, or in the direction the player is looking, if enabled
  • supports double-chests!
  • to minimize server strain, scans every 5 seconds & only allows farming every 2
  • (this can be changed with "AutoCollectScanInterval" and "ManualHarvestWaitInterval" in the config)
  • can be set to use a hoe to till new farmland
  • can harvest sugarcane, cactus, pumpkins, melons, and netherwart; not just farmland
  • can be disabled per-world
  • can also collect into storage minecarts
  • configurable collection range 1-3 (1 recommended)


  • /chestharvester (ch) reload: reload configuration file (OP only)


  • ChestHarvester.harvest for a user to be able to click on a chest for it to harvest (can be disabled)

My small farm: (and, a few moments later)

Fan Video:


  • iConomy support?
  • Autoharvest, so chests run automatically?
  • "special block" must be on to operate?
  • make player manually set a chest for it to collect items?


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