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ChannelChat allows administrators to easily define channels which sit in their servers chat. These can be easily manipulated to do as you please, allowing auto joining, passwords, distance and more. Allow your users to create private channels to add their friends in a simplistic manner. ChannelChat works alongside the majority of chat formatting plugins, allowing it to comfortably work along side major plugins such as Essentials, Factions and Towny.

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The features of ChannelChat

  • Lightweight Code
  • Persistent Channels
  • Default Channels (on login)
  • Various Channel Types
    • Global - For the whole server to chat
    • Local - Define a range of which the chat will reach
    • World - For the whole world to chat
    • Custom - For custom channels!
  • Complete control over server-side channels
    • Check out Channels.yml
  • Simply "chat" your password after attempting to join
  • Simple quick chat: #channel/alias message
  • Ability to leave ALL channels (and have peace of mind)

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