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Sit Down

Ever wanted to sit down and rest after a long day in the mines?

With stairs every where, why not just right-click with an empty hand and you'll be sitting.

This plugin is a small and lite weight plugin designed to allow your players to sit down on stairs (or other blocks if you set them).


Configuration isn't required but you can add almost any block type, and steps/slabs work well too.

This is a link to the list of Bukkit Material Names, most blocks will work, don't use items names, like "BOW", etc.

The default config.yml file lists all the current stair types:


There are also two other options you may set.

UpsideDown: true or false

This option checks for upside down chairs, and if it's set to "false" (which is the default), then all upside down chairs are ignored.

Range: 0

This setting is the number of blocks away a player can be to sit in a chair. The default number is "0" which means the range is the limit that Bukkit detects the player's click, so the range check is ignored. Any number above zero will be the maximum blocks away the player can interact with the chair.


To use simply copy the ChairStairs.jar file to your plugins folder then /reload your plugins or restart your server.


There are no permissions to set and the default configuration will allow any stairs to be used as chairs.


There are currently no commands used with this plugin.


To sit down simply right-click on a stair block (or other blocks if you add them to the config.yml) with an empty hand, you will get a message that tells you to click the key you have assigned as your "sneak" key to dismount (stand up), you will be returned to the block that you came before you sat down.


If you sit for a while the arrow used to make you appear to be sitting will despawn, a new arrow will be placed, and you will be seated on it, and a new "dismount" message will be displayed.

If you log out while sitting, you will appear sitting again, but you won't respawn an arrow to be re-seated, and you won't be able to return to the last block you were on when you "dismount", you will instead be placed near the block used as the chair.

If you click on a chair block with a block above it you will take damage until you dismount the block.

This plugin was designed to be small and lite on the server.



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