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- a ceiling/bottom Multiworld-Teleport Plugin
- connect worlds in a new way
Version: 0.9 for cb#1367+
Version 0.6.1 for cb#1000+

Teleport without a command, without a specified area to other worlds.
Just dig a hole to the bedrock or build a tower to the roof of the world.


  • at least one World :D
  • with more worlds a world-administration plugin like multivers is required


  • Permissions v2.7 and 3 (or via superperms)
  • WorldBorder v1.2.1+ (v1.2 or less is not supported!)
  • Skylands environment
  • Floating Islands and Cave-Worlds on Normal Environment (and more)


  • Teleports a Player when he reaches the bottom or the ceiling of a world to another world (or the same) at ceiling or bottom on the same X- and Z- coordinates
  • Distancemodifier: multiplier for the destination-coordinates (negative values are also possible to teleport to the opposite side of the map)
  • Multiple links: set extra permissions for groups to get to different worlds or distances
  • Falldamage-protection
  • creates a bubble of glass if the player spawns in lava

- cbtp.teleport (to use all the default links)
- cbtp.admin (/reload and /cbtp add)
- cbtp.yourDepartWorld.yourDestinationWorld (this is only for optional routes, read the config-part)



  • displays all connections

/cbtp reload

  • reloads the config & connections

/cbtp add (dl) (c:)[world1] (c:)[world2] ([dm])

  • ( ) - optional; [ ] - replace with something
  • adds a connection
  • dl - create a doubleLink - else: create a singleLink
  • c: - depart und arrival on ceiling
  • dm = distancemodifier (default = 1 )

/cbtp add world2 caveworld => bottom <->bottom connection
/cbtp add dl c:normalworld skylands 2.5
-> twoSidedConnections:
dest: normalworld
dm: 2.5


  • create a link on a world with it self
  • create eaqual links (bottom<-> bottom or ceiling <->ceiling)

download is up there => (source included in jar)



  • remove the glass-block after player moved on
  • teleport players with their vehicle

known Bugs:

  • none

Version 0.9

  • fixed the fix from 0.7

Version 0.7

  • updated the Configuration system for new bukkit versions
  • fixed adding dual connections via command (and made it wrong)


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