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Cars [Alpha] [CB 1337]

This Plugin is in development! With Cars you can use boats and minecarts as cars on a certain type of block (Stone on default). Simply place a boat or minecart on your configured surface, get in and drive. You can change gears with a sitck(also configurable) by left/right clicking to drive faster/slower. If you hit a wall or get off from the stone the car will bump off. Way more features will be added in the future, maybe they will be able to fly.

This plugin may cause a servercrash (Version alpha0.3+)! Be aware of this!


alpha 0.2

Known issues:

  • minecart movement buggs a bit
  • halfstep climbing buggy
  • bumping buggy

To-Do list:

  • Cars can climb half-steps [added buggy solution in alpha v0.2]
  • aircrafts
  • permissions
  • configuration [DONE]
  • iConomy support