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Bukkit Poke

This is a simple plugin used to poke your friends in Bukkit !

Commands and permissions

/poke - poke.world - Poke every players in the current world. You cannot use it from the Console.

/poke <player> - poke.player - Poke a single player.

/poke <world> - poke.world - Poke every players in the specified world.


Please stop your server when you edit the config file.

Worlds - Where the plugin is enabled.

EnableUpdater - If you want to enable the Skyupdater.

Messages - Here you can edit the messages sent by the plugin.

Poke - Here you can edit every options about the poke.

Services included in the plugin

This plugin uses the Skyupdater which means that the following may occur :

  • Connection to curseforge.com
  • Plugin version compared against version on curseforge.com
  • Downloading of the plugin from curseforge.com


Development cost time and time is the money of the life. Please feel free to donate.



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