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BuildMoney 4 is coming! Stay tuned.


BuildMoney - Gain money/xp by placing/destroying blocks



When a player places/destroys a block he gets random amount of money from the configurable range.


Supported versions : 1.7-1.14




- Get configurable amount of money when placing/destroying block

- Custom money/xp rewards for certain blocks

- Command rewards

- mcMMO support

- Set money/xp limit per day
- Specify worlds where plugin shouldn't work
- Specify gamemode on which player should get reward
- Chat messages and Actionbar messages (customizable, color support)

- Custom messages interval and custom notice sound
- Enable/disable plugin or his features without restarting server

- Blacklist blocks



/bm or /buildmoney - Main command
/bm reload or /buildmoney reload - Reload plugin
/bm enable/disable or /buildmoney enable/disable - Enable/Disable plugin
/bm chatmsg enable/disable or /buildmoney chatmsg enable/disable - Enable/Disable chat messages send to player when he gets money

/bm abmsg enable/disable or /buildmoney abmsg enable/disable - Enable/Disable actionbar messages sent to player when he gets money

/bm min <amount> - set minimum reward.
/bm max <amount> - set maximum reward 

Permissions: - Permission to get rewards by placing blocks (default true)
buildmoney.use.break - Permission to get rewards by destroying blocks (default true) - Permission to get money reward

buildmoney.reward.vanillaxp - Permission to get vanillaxp reward

buildmoney.reward.command - Permission to get command reward
buildmoney.admin - Permission to commands



Place BuildMoney.jar into plugins folder.


This plugin requires Vault to work.





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