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Book copier is a simple Minecraft plugin for Bukkit API, completely open-sourced. You can browse, download and integrate my code to your project, just mention my name.


With BookCopier is administration of writable books much easier! You can copy or send books to target user. The best feature of the plugin is ability to save and then load books to file. These files are transferable between servers running this plugin. It's also great if you want to make a backup of your books.

How to save book to file

It's simpe. Only type /bc save when you're holding writable book. File with backup will be saved to plugins/BookCopier/

How to load book from file

Type /bc load . File named "fileName" must be in directory plugins/BookCopier.

Upcoming features

"First login book" - When player joins server for first time, plugin gives him book what you specified in file automatically!


  • /bc help - Shows commands and info about plugin.
  • /bc copy [value] - Copies book in your hand.
  • /bc give <player> [value] - Gives book in your hand target player.
  • /bc load <fileName> - Loads book from file to your inventory.
  • /bc save <fileName> - Saves book in your hand to file.


GitHub page


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