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BlockManager is a plugin, which loggs various blocks. BlockManager has 4 groups, which names can be changed in the config.yml. But a change of the groupnames entail a change of the permissions. For example: "group1: woodcuter" thus is the permission "blockmanager.woodcuter.*". To accept the change of the groupnames and permissions you have to reload or restart your server.

Also the block, which will be logged can be changed. You can change it in the group.txts in "Server/plugins/BlockManager", which I contain in the In the group.txts are the blockids which will be logged and you have to write only blockid without the damage or the name of the block. For example: If you write "stone" it throws an error and if you write "35 5" it throws also an error. But then you write "35" it will log all wool actions.

Changes of the logged ids can be made during operation of the server. With the command "/blockmanager id" you reload all group.txts. But which command requires the permission "blockmanager.reload".

Ingame you see the BlockManager if you don't have the permission for a group of blocks and you build or break a block of which. When the event will be cancelled and the player will be messaged. Watch out if a block is logged from two groups a player needs permissions for both groups to build or break this block.

1. blockmanager.reload To use the Command "/blockmanager id".
2. blockmanager.<group1>.build To allow building block of group 1.
3. blockmanager.<group1>.break To allow breaking block of group 1.
4. blockmanager.<group2>.build To allow building block of group 2.
5. blockmanager.<group2>.break To allow breaking block of group 2.
6. blockmanager.<group3>.build To allow building block of group 3.
7. blockmanager.<group3>.break To allow breaking block of group 3.
8. blockmanager.<group4>.build To allow building block of group 4.
9. blockmanager.<group4>.break To allow breaking block of group 4.

1. "/blockmanager id"
Reloads the blockids from the group.txts
Permission: blockmanager.reload

This plugin can be used for 4 or less blockgoups. (To use less than 4 groups you have to leava blank the corresponding group.txts) For individual cases should more groups are needed, just ask and I try to solve your problem. And please report bug so I can fix they very fast.

It will be good forme if you have some feedback for me.


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