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Ever wanted to let your players fly?

Now you can! bFly allows your users to type /fly and (optionally) pay to fly! It will automatically get removed after a certain amount of time.

And the best thing? It's fully configurable, and fully compatible with many Anti-Cheat plugins! (Tested with Anti-Cheat, NoCheatPlus and NoCheat). You also don't die when flying privileges get taken off of you! You can even give money back to the player when their /fly gets disabled!

Permission Nodes

  • - can use /fly
  • fly.reload - can use /flyreload to reload the configuration file
  • fly.bypass - can bypass costs and time limits
  • fly.otherplayer - allows the player to use /fly [namehere] for another player! NB: The person who types /fly will pay.
  • fly.dmgbypass - allows you to hurt another player.

Example Configuration

Example Config

Things to note

If you are not running Vault, the permissions will fall back to operators. OPs automatically have all permission nodes for fly.


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