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Why choose this random teleporter?

There are hundreds of plugins out there that will randomly teleport you to different places in the world. Why the heck should you choose mine? Well here are a few reasons:

  • A lot of those other plugins are inactive and will never be updated. I will be sure to update this plugin when needed. Even if its just a small bug.
  • It doesn't use set points in the world. Some random teleport plugins will teleport you to certain points set in the world which get constantly griefed and become unsafe to travel to. This plugin will actually choose a spot at random within boundaries set by you and teleport the player too those randomly selected coordinates.
  • Full range of configuration including, but not limited to: cost for teleportation, cool downs after use, a permission node to allow certain users to bypass the cool down, prevention of teleportation to certain biomes, prevention of teleportation on to certain blocks, and much more!
  • Our algorithm for finding a safe location to teleport will loop continuously until it finds a safe location to teleport the player, but don't worry! We were smart enough to run this process in a separate thread and tested our plugin to show that over 50 players can randomly teleport at the same time and the server won't even feel it!


  • Signs, portals, and commands (command line and command block support).
  • Custom portal shapes and fillers
  • Per world customization. Turn of the plugin in some worlds but keep it on in others.
  • Allow players to randomly teleport out of a world, but not back into it
  • Customizable max and min distance centered around the server spawn point
  • Ability to charge users a custom amount of in game currency for teleports
  • Ability to black list blocks and biomes so a player will not be teleported to dangerous areas
  • Supports all economy plugins that use vault to charge players in game currency to teleport
  • Supports WorldGuard, Towny, and Faction claims
  • Supports WorldBorder
  • Super efficient, safe location searching algorithm
  • Many more features and explanations


See this page for a list of commands.


See this page for a list of permission nodes.


See this page for the default config.

Tutorials and FAQ's

Tutorials for Signs, Portals, and Random Worlds can be found here.


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