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My first plugin, when a player leave the bed become full health. Criticism is welcome.

Next update in: about 2 weeks

What is Bedhealth

Bedhealth is a plugin to heal as a player in bed.

Easily, compact and Immediate.

  • Automatically HP Regenaration in your Bed.
  • Permissions
  • Immediate use
  • Simple Config
  • Compact
  • easily usable (Go to bed and finished.)
  • Color Codes(example: $0 MESSAGE = Black Message)
  • Set waittime for a heal
  • Vault integration(Default in Config: false)

Player: Oh No! I have very little life, but there are many players on the server.

Admin: Go to your Bed and sleep 5 second and you have full health.

Player: Thank you, that is the solution!

  1. Bedhealth.jar in the plugin folder do
  2. Start your Server
  3. (OPTIONAL) Configure the Config
  4. Done
  • You have a server and use Bedhealth ? Write me a PM with the IP and infos, and your server become earlier new Bedhealth versions.
  • New Version Policy from version 1.6.3 up: Version Policy
This Server used Bedhealth
  • Send me your Server by PN
  • Write the plugin new
  • Update code with new API features
  • Display the sleep timer
  • Send me To-Do´s
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You found Bugs ?

Write it in a Ticket/Comments.



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