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What is BattleChests?

BattleChests allows you to create chests that are similar to those in the popular FPS CS:GO. You can create different types of chests and place them in your world. Players need keys to open the chests. If a player owns a key and opens a chest, he'll see a fancy animation and recieve a random reward from that chest. The keys, items and chests are fully customizable.

How does it look?


Every chests that is placed in the world automatically spawns a hologram to make the chest stand out!


After opening a chest an animation like a gambling machine will play, the player gets the item at which the animation stops.


  • /chests chest <Type> - Get a chest to place in the world
  • /chests key <Type> [Player] - Get a key to a chest for you or another player

The /chest command requires the permission battlechests.admin


Check this page for translations.


Item syntax:
  id: 131   #minecraft item id
  amount: 1   #amount of items
  data: 0   #data/durability
  name: '&7Key'   #item name
  lore:   #item lore
    - 'This is a key!'
  ench:   #enchantments (ench id : ench lvl)
    1: 1
  weight: 1   #can be used in the items section of a chest to set the probability for an item to appear

An item only requires an id, all other parameters are optional.

Example configuration:
    name: '&aChest2' #Name of chest type for hologram
    desc:  #description for hologram
        - 'cool chest!'
   glassColor: 0   #data/color of glass in animation
   showInfo: true   #Allows a player to see items and probabilities by left-clicking a chest
   key: <Item>
      0: <Item>
      1: <Item>


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